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Project Description
This is a early alpha, not for primetime yet.

Crimson reader is a set of EPUB readers and a book cataloging program written in C#. The readers use a website or a local datacache to keep track of the books, DVD's and MP3's.


The primary catalog for the system is in Dublin Core format, which defines fifteen metadata elements for resource description in a cross-disciplinary information environment. The Dublin core is also defined By Z39.85 ISO Standard The PDF for the ISO standards is in the Documentation Directory of the source.

The authoritative data source is the Library of Congress. We also include the Project Gutenburg catalog and
The reader allows the user to search for books by title, author, subject, or langaguge. In addition there are built in list of books like The Guardian's 1000 novels everyone must read or the Oslo Book club's best and most central works in world literature.

The project will include a number of readers for viewing EPUB books. The EPUB specification is available at ( This is basically a zipped archive that contains the book and table of contents along some
metadata for the author, title and subjects as defined by the dublin core. The EPUB readers is designe t o handle a large number of publications (over 50,000).

Project Gutenburg provides 28.000 ebooks that may be downloaded with a single mouse click.

Supporting Libraries

The website uses the following supporting opensource libraries:
  1. To read EPUB html files
  2. svn:// To manipulate EPUB files.
  3. Provides a docking panel for the windows version of the reader. This allows us to have a common UI for the Silverlight, Winforms and WPF EPUB viewers.

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